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Boy, is it Hot in South Louisiana! Truth is it is metaphorically hot here and all over this country. Satan is extra busy knowing his time is short and that he must hurt the Lord the only way he has left... by deceiving His man and especially His children. I hear young people and adults who proclaim their Christianity, judge truth by emotions that are products of lie-based thinking rather than by the unchanging infallible Word of God. The seeds of relativism have come to full flower and the seeds those flowers drop are total depravity. What are we to do? PRAY! KNOW THE TRUTH! TEACH WITH LOVE- in season and out. GIVE what you have been given, Grace and Peace through that truth that only The Holy Spirit can bring to a deceived mind resulting in TRANSFORMATION! This is the mission of Hope In Christ Ministries and I pray that you will partner with me in this calling. How? You may ask. By praying for the teaching and prayer ministry (TPM), by supporting us with your love offerings, but most of all by becoming equipped to help the harvest of souls that is coming. God has been known throughout history to bring revival and an awakening prior to great persecution. Pray for that revival and prepare to disciple those babes He births into His family.

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