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North to Alaska

North to Alaska and Back and Return

God is moving in a mighty way in Alaska through the Alaska Missions ministry with revival breaking out on many areas of the state.

Recently, I was privileged to be apart of a joint venture with Alaska Missions at ‘Salmon Frenzy’. This is a ministry by Alaska Missions* held for the last twelve years on the banks of the Kenai River where it empties into Cook Inlet and the Pacific Ocean. During the month of July, the residents of Alaska can dip net at this location for their yearly quota of fish (25 / head of household and 10 per member of household). Whole families are camped or daily drive on and to the beaches throughout this time when the salmon are coming in to travel up the Kenai to their spawning places.

Over 450 short term missionaries from all over the United States journey to this mission for a week to work on the beaches ministering to the families that are trying to ‘get their fish’ for the year. It is expensive to live in Alaska for necessities and this is a staple of their diet, and I might add a healthy and delicious one. So, what did these teams and Hope In Christ do to aid the residents of Alaska?

“Mainly they are sharing the love of Jesus by Meeting Needs, Breaking Down Walls and Sharing the Gospel, through Generosity and Service bringing people from Apathy to Curiosity to find Jesus Irresistible”. This is their strategy statement, and I can attest that it was happening. There were 18,000 ‘touches’ by furnishing free hot dogs and lemonade and water and hot chocolate and offering free bibles to all that approached the tents located in 4 different places. Also, men were directing parking of thousands of vehicles and assisting the loading and unloading of their cars/trucks. This freed the police department to do more pressing duties and were greatly appreciated by them. Not the least of service was the ‘porta potty duty’ of supplying clean toilet tissue and hand sanitizer. But most of all, the Gospel was being shared through children’s bible studies and fun activities on the beaches.

The results of this unconditional love and generosity opened hearts to hear the gospel and 53 professions of faith were made. God is moving in Alaska!

What did I do as a participant in all 4 weeks for Hope In Christ? I was privileged to bring the ministry of Discipleship teaching and Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM)* to over 34 recipients which included the serving missionaries and American natives. People who were willing and who love Jesus and were hungry for freedom from hindrances and beliefs that prevented them from expressing the

‘Christ in you (them) the hope of Glory.’ (Col.1:27b)

In a safe and private place, the Lord met with each one seeking this ministry and they were changed, transformed when He brought the truth to them personally through the TPM prayer. Following the emotions that were stirred to the memory (origin) and finding the belief that was contrary to the truth of God and causing the negative emotion, Jesus by the Holy Spirit gave them the truth and transformation took place. Some were not believing a falsehood but reliving a traumatic event of horror and grief and Jesus in His beautiful and loving way walked through the event with them and changed the pictures of death and destruction into one of life and grace.

For others the pressure of grief and loss and regret was holding them in a constant circle of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if only’, sapping their strength and stealing their joy. God revealed to them the assurance of His presence in the taking of lives by another or the person themselves and their freedom from the regret and lies of responsibilities to change something that was out of their control. Regrets are a grief and sorrow that the Lord wants to carry just as He ‘bore our sorrows’; however, often the lie that we must continue in regret in order to somehow pay for what it demands, can keep us staying in bondage to the cycle and losing His peace. The Lord showed me through my own regrets that this is sin by putting myself in the God position of judging and trying to pay for something that I could not. When the Comforter does not take the overwhelming grief (we will always have moments of grief) often it is because we believe:

1) That if I let it go, I will lose them all over again or

2) It is self-abasement trying to pay for our perceived sin

Again, the Lord met them and renewed their minds and bore the overwhelming grief as they let go, they knew ‘losing them all over again’ was a lie and/or they confessed the sin of self judgement and punishment resulting in freedom.

Either by changing a belief or tempering the grief and removing the regrets, the change in their countenance was obvious, to the degree that some did not even recognize themselves when they were shown their face in a mirror.

18 And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Cor.3:18

The Word of the Lord Jesus to the beliefs that are wrong, brings faith to believe and power to renew the mind with Truth.

Word in the following passage that produces faith is the word rhema in the Greek = Christ’s specific word to that subject, situation.

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

When the Lord speaks to the individual seeking to know the truth to replace the belief that is causing the negative emotion, the feeling is gone, and it no longer feels like it is true. Transformation takes place. It is a work of the Lord, bringing truth to the inward parts. We saw this change over and over as the Lord faithfully did what only He and the individual could do as they yielded to Him and allowed the pain to be felt, recognizing the belief and having it replaced with Christ’s Word, finding resurrection of His life in them. Where there was darkness and turmoil, now – Peace!

What is next? I am returning to Anchorage, Alaska December 11th – 15th to continue this work with another group of people who will attend Eleanor Roehl’s Kingdom Warriors Alaska* meeting. As Alaska Missions and Hope In Christ continue to work together we will see the Lord bring Freedom and Transformation to God’s children through Christ Jesus.

On January 13th I will again return to Alaska for the Alaska Mission’s Women’s Conference with the same goal of discipleship teaching and Transformation Prayer Ministry with the women who will be attending, missionaries and American Natives alike. Pray for bountiful harvest and revelation of their identity in Christ and His inheritance of Glory and peace through transformation, mind renewal.

Request: Each of us raises our own funding in order to go on these missions, if the Lord so moves you to be apart by supporting Hope In Christ in this effort please consider donating to the cause.

Thank you and may God give you peace and grace in all you say and do.

M. Jo Ann Buckley, President/Director

Hope In Christ

*Alaska Missions & Retreats at, Brenda Crim, Executive Director

*Transformation Prayer Ministry at, Ed Smith, Founder

*Kingdom Warriors Alaska ministry, founded by Pastor Robert and Eleanor Roehl, Anchorage, Alaska.

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