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Bringing the Light Of God

That is a tall order: to bring the Lord’s perspective to a subject, in fact it sounds rather arrogant and prideful, and it would be if I was the source, but we know that Jesus is THE TRUTH, THE LIGHT, THE LIFE and THE WAY and He has given us His Word and He has sent the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. Therefore, the challenge is to stay true to His word seeking His wisdom and understanding. That is our mission.

I am Jo Ann Buckley, the founder and director of Hope In Christ; we have been serving the Lord in this capacity for the last 20 years. Join me as we seek the Lord on pressing issues that effect us "where we live".

The first subject will be directed to those young people who are seeking a mate to journey through life together or the more mature that find themselves alone again. Over the next eight weeks, I would like you to join me in examining a subject that I am often asked by young Christians and older ones that have been burned in the marriage game, “how do I choose a mate, how do I know he or she is the Christian he or she says they are, how do I keep from being played?”

I would like to hear your comments as we explore the 8 C’s of Courtship and Choosing a Mate.

Use the Contact Us page to send your comments.

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