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Gift Guide for Christians

Christmas coming with huge decisions to be made; not what gift for which love one, but do we gather for worship, do we travel to see parents and grandparents or stay away to avoid the possibility of giving or receiving the hated virus?

As the hospitals announce a fear of filling to overcapacity in specialty units, the tendency to huddle in the safety of our own 4 walls may bring a sense of immunity but it may exacerbate the isolation and depression that is synonymous with 2020.

What can we do to glorify our Lord in these difficult times? Pray! Listen to what He says and connect with whom He brings to your mind. A phone call, a FaceTime or Zoom, or better yet a secret gift of fresh baked goods left on their front porch are all meaningful love touches.

As we emulate the Father’s most precious and sacrificial gift of love, Jesus Christ, through these small gestures of connection, we glorify Him, Emmanuel, God with us. We are made in His image and need to see and know each other. You never know what a touch from a caring person can do to a lonely isolated or grieving friend.

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